Illegal taxi rank

The ReThRo Resients Association wants taxi drivers to find alternative parking during the day instead of parking on the corner of Panorama Road and Alice Street in The Reeds.

The taxi rank is illegally used by up to 50 minibus taxis at a time.

The taxis park on the side walks and in front of houses causing pedestrians to walk on the road, exposing them to danger.

This intersection is becoming more than just an eye-sore. The taxi drivers litter and urinate against the palisade as there are no toilet facilities. Children also walk past on their way to school while the taxi drivers consume liquor.”

Residents living around the intersection have complained about the taxis for years.

Some of the drivers have been seen wrenching open fire hydrants to wash their taxis.

Concerned residents of our area should sign this petition which aims to demonstrate that the taxpaying citizens of The Reeds, Rooihuiskraal and Thatchfield wish to call upon the City of Tshwane to:

  1. Regularly send officers to do law enforcement in the area
  2. To find alternative parking for Taxis during the day instead of parking on the corner of Panorama Road and Alice Street.

This petition will be forwarded to our Ward Counsellors and will remain open until positive action is taken on the part of Tshwane Metro.

Please continue to share and encourage even more residents to sign in support of a fibre network in our area….every signature does make a difference.

DON’T delay – add your voice of support!

Closing date is this 30 November 2018, 24h00

Illegal taxi rank

This petition is now closed.

End date: Mar 30, 2019

Signatures collected: 26

Signature goal: 1000

26 signatures

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