How to report a municipal problem

All complaints must be lodged at the call centre, the toll free number is (080) 1111556 (This toll free number is available free of charge for all residents to report complaints) or 012 358 9999 or email (all complaints with the exception of Billing Queries – please email billing queries to Complaints can also be lodged on the eTshwane website.
Remember to have your account number ready. It can be found on your municipal bill.

Power outages can also be reported by sms’ing the word “power” followed by your account number to 082 612 0333 or to 44676,
Alternatively the following link can be used to report a power outage online:

Remember to give all the necessary information when reporting an issue, otherwise it will take longer to fix the problem as the technicians will first need to identify the problem before it can be fixed.

Electricity related issues
1. Name, surname and contact details:
2. Physical address including suburb:
3. Area outage or single residence:
4. Traditional or pre-paid meters:

Street light issues
1. Name, surname and contact details:
2. Street name where the light/s are out:
3. Pole numbers
4. Between which intersections the lights are out:
5. Name of the suburb:

Water and sanitation issues
1. Name, surname and contact details:
2. Physical address including suburb:
3. Is the area affected or just a single residence:
4. Issue: (burst pipe/sewage overflowing):

Escalation of municipal complaints:

Should your complaint not be resolved within a reasonable time, send your original mail directly to your ward councillor and ask for escalation due to it being overdue. Include all the information you gave the call centre as well as the reference number(very important) and the time and date when you logged the call.

Should you not be able to obtain a reference number or are unhappy with the service you received, kindly supply your ward councillor with the following information:

Call centre/customer care complaints:
1. Time and date of your call/email
2. Number called/email address used
(Should you have had a bad experience with the call centre/customer care staff)
3. Who did you speak to/who replied to your email

If you register on eTshwane’s website you can view your City of Tshwane account, submit your meter readings, lodge a complaint or query and make payments to the City of Tshwane electronically on This service is available all hours of the day. Click on the e-Tshwane link and follow the instructions.

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