Stop Recurring Power Outages in The Reeds, Rooihuiskraal and Thatchfield areas!!

Our community have been experiencing increasing power outages in the past year. The outages are attributed to cable theft, according to the City of Tshwane.

The repeated power outages are not only a source of inconvenience but lead to financial loss and economic disruptions in the area.

It is our belief as residents of the area that there are a number of available solutions to this problem at the disposal of the City of Tshwane, in the interim as well as long-term. The Municipality has an obligation to ensure that its residents enjoy uninterrupted power and other services.

Though the City of Tshwane cannot be held accountable for criminal activity, it remains responsible for curbing and preventing criminal activity in its area of control.

Concerned residents of our area should sign this petition which aims to demonstrate that the taxpaying citizens of The Reeds, Rooihuiskraal and Thatchfield wish to call upon the City of Tshwane to :

  1. Protect its residents from the negative effects of criminal activity by employing lasting solutions to counter criminals’ actions
  2. Protect our power sources as they are currently easy targets for criminals.

This petition will be forwarded to our Ward Counsellor and will remain open until positive action is taken on the part of Tshwane Metro.

Please continue to share and encourage even more residents to sign in support ….every signature does make a difference.

DON’T delay – add your voice of support!

Closing date is this 30 November 2018, 24h00


Petition to Stop Recurring Power Outages in our area!!

This petition is now closed.

End date: Mar 01, 2019

Signatures collected: 64

Signature goal: 1000

64 signatures

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