The industrial revolution brought a remarkable change to our environment.

The twentieth century compared to the previous ages took an enormous leap.

Technology developed from virtually nothing.  Today people can be transported to the moon.  Politics developed through a religious transformation.  The state is no longer considered the head of the church.  Incredible advances were made on medical terrain. Infections and diseases of that time can no longer be considered catastrophes.

However, new health issues developed, such as HIV.  Care must be taken that our newly developed technologies does not cause the creation to suffer through pollution.  Today’s pollution can be the cause of various new illnesses such as cancer and mental illnesses.  Totally new environments are being developed in terms of world views, cultural differences, climate changes, and man’s experience of the transformations he can no longer keep track of nor control.

With this page we wish to offer our services to those who are thinking about our environmental health issues.  From the 1970s to 1994, 450 mine dumps rose and formed new mountains.  These dumps were supposed to be cleared as quickly as they developed, but due to the fact that financial funds were required for technological developments and military machines instead of cleaning operations, we today have heavy metal pollution in the air and in our rivers.  As a result new dilemmas developed neglecting environmental health.  Those staying near to  mine dumps are developing allergic reactions due to cross winds  delivering small particles of heavy metals.  Their children could become early dropouts due to mental health deterioration caused by pollution.

We need to be careful that our intellectual developments are not causing mental health deterioration.

This is quite a grim picture.  I would like to receive your comments and views on this.  Maybe we could do something about it to open a view eyes.

Thank you, Jan Lynzaad

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