Speedbumps. How do I get one in my street.

Question: How do I get a speed-bump in my street?
Answer: The process to apply for speed-bumps is as follows: The councillor needs a petition from the residents. A petition must have a motivation with the signatures of complainants. On the signature list the following info is needed: name, surname, address, ID number, contact number and signature. The petition is sent to the councillor and he will then forward it to the relevant officials. They will evaluate and approve or decline the request. If it is approved, it is added to the outstanding list of bumps to be built. A specific amount is yearly budgeted to cover the cost of speed humps starting at the top of the list.

traffic safety speed bump on the road

Question: Can I put a speed-bump in myself?
Answer: The Council makes provision for residents/businesses to pay for, amongst others, speed-bumps. The cost is, give or take, R35 000.00. A way leave is needed. For that you need a traffic engineer to prepare your application and the resident is responsible for the cost of the way leave. An engineer or the resident will be responsible for public liability. If there is an accident and the design of the speed hump is found to be faulty either the person who paid for or the design engineer is then liable for any claim.

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