Stop Complaning. Find a Solution.

Just this morning when I visited our Facebook page I noticed among mainly positive replies, two negative comments on the post about the new circle at corners of Kolgans and Rooihuiskraal roads.

Now until this morning I was under the impression that this circle was one of our success stories, after receiving so many complaints from residents about this dangerous intersection.

I believe that venting is a good thing, and simply about temporarily blowing off some steam or appropriately releasing some frustration.

However, my view is that  when complaining on Facebook,  we are effectively attempting to seek validation from our peers. We are trying to get their agreement and sympathy in the hope that it will help us to deal with the pain and discomfort we are experiencing.

Complaining is rarely the answer to solving our problems, in fact, it’s often the most direct path to living a life of excuses where we simply choose not to take responsibility and choose instead to persistently play the victim card.

We focus so much on the negative – not the solutions. Complaining, especially on FB is contagious and damaging to all of us.

I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet.” – Indian proverb

In the future when you’re dealing with inconveniences in our area, there really are only two options that make any rational sense:

1) Click here to get involved and address these issues–or in the extremely rare instances where you can’t, then…

2) Vent and let it go.

This isn’t about not making your complaints heard, but about challenging yourself to do something to be a part of the upliftment of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds and Thatcfield during the only time that matters: Today.

Good luck.

Henk Botma


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