Last Newsletter of 2018

Dear Resident,
This newsletter is a personal letter from me to you. There are a few new readers of the newsletter on our mailing list. Welcome to you all. (And to the old ones, you still are very welcome).
At the Annual General Meeting (our first), on the 28th October 2018 the following new committee was elected: Henk Botma was elected as chairperson, Jan Lynzaad as vice-chairperson, Hetta Scholtz as secretary, Gina Britz as treasurer/administrative assistant, Linda Pienaar for legal matters and compliance, Rueon Scott and Sarel (SJ) Swanepoel for marketing, Tshepo Maruping, Burnie Nawn and Tinus Lotz as additional members. Due to various reasons things have changed and people took on new portfolios. Jan Lynzaad is the honorary chairman, Gina Britz is the vice-chair, Rueon Scott is the treasurer, Tinus Lotz took on recycling, Burnie Nawn roads and traffic, SJ Swanepoel stays with marketing, and Tshepo Maruping is now the representative for sport and recreation. This does not mean that they will only be busy with their own portfolios. We are a team. We work together. If you want to contact any of them please send me an email. You can see a photo of us all on our website.
This brings me to next thing I want to tell you. ReThRo finally has its own  website. Please visit the website, get informed, tell us what you think, and email me topics you want included on the site. It is for the community.
Then, as you know, we are on Facebook. We have a Facebook page. SJ Swanepoel is responsible for it. We try to keep the community informed. Then, there is a link to a Facebook “group by the page” for the residents where you can post: ReThRo group. The group is for your use. Please use it.
Help us reach more people. Only then can we be successful. Please send this email to your friends, family and neighbours in ReThRo area. If you receive this mail from anybody please contact me, send me an email on so I can add you to our mailing list. It is free. We want to reach as many residents as possible.
Then I want to thank everyone of you that took the time to read all the newsletters. People who responded, thank you, I love getting your feedback. Thank you to all the residents who helped in any way possible with our projects, who came to help with our clean-ups, who attended the AGM. We hope to see more of you next year. Thanks to the committee, it is nice working with you all. Thank you to our councillors for helping us as residents, Cllrs Casper McDonald, Anru Meyer for a while, and Johan Jansen. Even though we are an apolitical association we still need help from our elected and appointed representatives. Thanks also to the Community Policing Forum, who together with SAPS, Metro Police and the security companies, is trying to keep us safe.
Feel free to contact me if you need any information about ReThRo or want to get involved in any way. We need you.
May you all have a lovely holiday time, stay save, and most of all, enjoy it.
Merry Christmas, happy new year.
Hetta Scholtz
cell: 0795218377

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