Your Input on land claim in our area wanted

Dear residents

Many of you are by now aware of the land claims that had been instituted (in November 1998, under the 1994 Land Claims Legislation) against different properties in and around Centurion.

According to the process that the Land Claims Commission uses, we want to point out that specific land owners will only be informed that they are affected after the period given for response by the general public has lapsed. (The complete process has been spelt out on this website already, should you want to see more).

Within Rooihuiskraal and The Reeds the claims comprise such large areas that everyone will be affected in the end, whether directly or indirectly. The Rethro Resident’s Association believes that there are sufficient legal arguments to oppose the claim and we want your help.

The Rethro Resident’s Association is in process of writing a complete report to be handed in to the Commission. If you want to assist in this process or have a specific contribution or skill set that can be of assistance, please register below.

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As soon as our report is ready, we will make that available to all interested residents as well, and it will help us greatly if you are registered on our site.

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4 thoughts on “Your Input on land claim in our area wanted

  1. Maps of the areas claimed and a PowerPoint presentation as well as the other documents circulated at the meeting were placed on Google drive by cllr Kingsley Wakelin. Please watch the PowerPoint slides to understand the process. The relevant documents can be viewed here:

    The Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights also answers some questions on their website here:

    The person who can be contacted for more information is the research officer at the Office of the Regional Land Claims Commissioner: Gauteng: Amos (Ramere) Serumula. His email address is, his phone no’s 012 318 6552 or 0825775696.

    The information provided in this article is based on the information available to us at the time of posting and is intended to provide helpful information on the subject discussed.
    Always fact check the information provided before undertaking any action.
    The Association and the author are not responsible for any loss, damage or any legal action taken against the resident as a result of the misinterpretation of the facts provided by either the author or the resident.
    References are provided for information purposes only.

  2. Good day. Our property falls part of the claims and unfortunately I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s meeting about the Zwartkop claims. Please provide me with feedback if at all possible.

  3. Please except my petition against land claim.
    I am a resident of The Reeds.
    I can not pen what I would like to say.

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