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Petition against Land Claim of Randjesfontein Community.

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End date: Aug 31, 2019

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Illegal and dangerous activities of certain taxi operators in the ReThRo area


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The Residents Association of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds, and Thatchfield (ReThRo) wish to ask the City of Tshwane to intercede and help put an end to the illegal and dangerous activities of certain taxi operators in the area of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds, and Thatchfield.

The illegal activities include illegal parking, littering, drinking in the public, drug selling, urinating in public and illegal use of fire hydrants which may lead to dangerous situations for the residents as wel as the passengers of the taxis.

Two areas where illegal parking occur were highlighted to ReThRo:
· Corner of Panorama Road and Brakfontein Road, and
· Panorama Road close to Alice Street and the Spar area

As highlighted by our residents since 2017 it seems like illegal taxi ranks are formed at these areas and remain as such during most of the day.

At these areas the taxi operators are not only parking illegally, obstructing the view of oncoming traffic, but also litter on the sidewalk which is adjacent to sensitive wetland areas. They further park to such an extent on the pavement that the pedestrians have to walk in the road to get around the taxis. They do not follow the rule of the road, i.e. keep left and pass right. The drivers drive on the sidewalks to pass traffic and push in front of the cars when possible. They also drive in the oncoming traffic lane to pass traffic and push in in front of the other cars at robots and stop signs.
Alcohol consumption is one of their past times while waiting for passengers. This has led to some violent altercations amongst drivers and pedestrians. The amount of litter left by the operators, including their empty beer bottles really destroys an otherwise clean and neat area.

The operators also relieve themselves against the walls of adjacent properties as well as in the highly sensitive wetland area just off Alice Street. This indecent exposure in public areas where primary children pass by on their way to school and home is also unacceptable.

The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that their presence has invited some criminal elements trying to sell drugs to school children passing this area. Two high schools have already altered their bus routes to avoid these areas for the sake of the children’s safety.

We have witnessed first-hand how the taxi operators open an emergency fire hydrant illegally to get water to wash their vehicles on the corner of Brakfontein and Panorama Road.

The intimidation from these taxi owners is also not assisting with the suburban atmosphere this area has become known for.
As a Residents Association it is our believe that we cannot only raise issues if we do not at least attempt at providing possible solutions.

We therefore suggest the following actions to ensure a safer and cleaner area:
· We request more visible policing from TMPD. It is our understanding that each ward should have two metro police officers on duty per shift. Their presence will ensure compliance with road rules and signs.
· Install barriers preventing the use of the sidewalk for illegal parking.
· Engage taxi associations and discuss the impact of their actions on the community with possible alternative parking venues for waiting taxi drivers.
· Engage THETA to provide training to taxi drivers on road rules and behaviour in public.

We therefore urge Council to address these problems as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance.

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