Second letter to the residents

Members of the ReThRo Committee had a meeting with Afriforum Monday morning 4 February 2019 at their offices in Kloofsig after Afriforum offered their assistance in opposing the land claims on Centurion areas. ReThRo are grateful for the assistance Afriforum offered and we have decided to take hands with them, put all our resources together and handle this land claim in partnership with Afriforum in the best interest of all our residents.

At our meeting on 12 February at the Rooihuiskraal congregation of the Reformed Church in The Reeds, we will explain the partnership and also report to our residents on what steps had already been taken and what the way forward is. The meeting will start at 19:00 at the church on the corner of Santie and Konstantyn streets in The Reeds.

In the meantime it is important that we receive your mandates to represent you in this matter. You are welcome to sign mandates for both ReThRo and Afriforum if you should wish to do so. We will also have mandates available for your signature at the meeting of 12 February. Please notice that if people are married IN COMMUNITY OF PROPERTY the Title Deed is registered in both their names. Thus BOTH PARTIES should partake and not just one of them representing the couple. It is crucial as it will be necessary for both of them to sign the petition etc etc.

Should this matter have to be taken to the court, ReThRo will be part and parcel of the process and our legal people will work hand in hand with Afriforum’s legal team to place our case before the court.

We would like to express our gratitude again for Afriforum’s willingness to assist in this matter and for the resources and expertise that they are making available for our residents.

Although we will work in partnership with Afriforum ReThRo will continue the work that we have been doing up to now and we will take hands with Afriforum. THERE IS NO NEED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN RETHRO AND AFRIFORUM. You can give your mandate to both because there will be a partnership with equal partners. ReThRo will only be working with the best interest of our residents at heart but will take hands with Afriforum to achieve this.

Although ReThRo is going to work in partnership with Afriforum., we will still continue with the work that we have been doing up to now and it will still have NO financial implications for our residents. ReThRo will be an equal partner in this process and nothing will happen without our active involvement.

For your information our committee is as follows:

Henk Botma – chairperson
Cell 071 363 5391
Email address

Gina Britz- vice chairperson and administrative administrator
Cell 079 895 4945
Email address

Hetta Scholtz – secretary
Cell 079 521 8377
Email address

Burnie Nawn – GIS expert
Cell 072 134 5352
Email address

Tinus Lotz – environmental matters
Cell 083 297 8013
Email address

Linda Pienaar – legal matters
Cell 082 491 6257
Email address

Sandra Blom – finances
Cell 082 361 9425
Email address

Sanet van den Berg – marketing
Cell 082 468 4476
Email address

Hugo Erasmus – Centurion group
Cell 082 456 8744
Email address

Karen Botha – Centurion group
Cell 083 289 9781
Email address;

Veroshney Ramjas – Heuweloor
Cell 083 209 1009
Email address

Leigh Ann Miles – Heuweloord
Cell 083 296 3968

Email address

2 thoughts on “Second letter to the residents

  1. My wife and moved to the Reeds in 1991 to be closer to my then employer in Joburg midtown. I am now retired (14 Yrs) and living peacefully in the Reeds. We are aged pensioners, where could we go if these claims become real (squad in our own yard ??)
    Could somebody please send me the required form/s to object to this claim and other articles/letters when it becomes available.
    I call on Hetta Scholtz or any other committee member to please contact me via email as below.

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