Elections 2019

By now you know the 8th of May 2019 was declared a holiday. We are going to vote that day in the National and Provincial Elections. These elections are held every five years. The date is proclaimed by the President of the Republic of South Africa. This election has nothing to do with the municipal elections or ward councillors. Representatives for the National assembly and Provincial Legislatures are chosen in these elections. It is two different elections, being held on the same day. In both cases you are voting for a political party to represent you in the relevant legislature. For the National Election you can vote at any voting station in South Africa. To vote in the Provincial Election you can vote at any voting station in the province you are registered in. There is no excuse to not to vote, at least for the National Election if you are not in the ward you are registered in. Please go and vote.

A very important question: Can I vote if I registered but have lost my ID with the sticker in it?

A: Yes, just get a Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) that will be valid on election day. You can apply for your TIC at the Department of Home Affairs. Please also check your registration details and confirm that your name appears on the voters’ roll .

More information about this system of Proportional Representation:

  • The Proportional Representation (PR) system is used in South Africa for National and Provincial Elections.
  • The PR system awards seats to political parties according to the percentage of votes each party receives in an election.
  • Political parties submit a list of candidates to the IEC for the National Assembly and the Provincial Legislatures. Candidates are listed in their order of preference.
  • On Election Day, voters vote for the political party of their choice, not individual candidates.
  • After counting, political parties are allocated seats according to the percentage each party received.

All the above information and so much more can be viewed on the Electoral Commission’s website here.

You can search for your voting station here.

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