Annual General Meeting 2019 Feedback

Dear resident,

Since we did not have a quorum at our meeting on Tuesday the 3rd
September another meeting has been scheduled for the 10th Of September,
again at the Rooihuiskraal Community Library at 18:30. Herewith a copy
of the minutes with the items that was discussed. It will be put before
the meeting on the 10th to be condoned and accepted. ReThRo hopes to
see you then.


Hetta Scholtz

Provisional Minutes

 Opening, welcome

Gina Britz opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, especially the new faces. The meeting cannot be constituted due to it not being a quorum, In compliance with the ReThRo constitution a meeting will be held at the same place and time next week. For this meeting the items on the agenda will be discussed so as not to waste people’s time but no decisions will be taken. The discussions and decisions will be condoned at the next meeting. SJ Pretorius asked if it was acceptable for the attendees and it was seconded and accepted. Gina Britz thanked the community for the support they have given her, even though she was not elected as chairman but as vice-chairperson had to take over when the chairman Henk Botma resigned. She gave the meeting over to SJ Pretorius.

  1. Attendance

SJ Pretorius asked everybody to sign the attendance list.

  1. Finalising agenda

SJ Pretorius asked if the agenda can be accepted as final. Theresa van Jaarsveld asked if littering can be added. SJ said it is covered in the agenda. He asked Burnie Nawn to handle the minutes of the previous meeting and to give feedback.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

ReThRo is trying to get recycling structured in our area. Certain points where it can be done are being looked at. The community is encouraged to make use of the existing recycling point in the area. Articles about littering and clean-ups that were held in the area were placed in the Record, with Tinus Lotz and Burnie Nawn featuring prominently. ReThRo is also working closely with the municipality on finding solutions for the problem.

Some items in the minutes had to be put on ice. It will be discussed in the nest points. The minutes were accepted and will be signed at the next meeting.

  1. Committee election

The election of committee members was postponed to the next meeting because a quorum was not present.

  1. Items arising from minutes/Report back
    1. Library

Hetta Scholtz gave feedback on the library. She had nothing to say. The Friends of the Rooihuiskraal Library consisted of the personal friends of one librarian. When she retired the committee stopped functioning. Volunteers for the Friends were asked to contact the secretary.

  1. Clinic

Hetta Scholtz asked also for volunteers for a clinic committee, that can help with projects. SJ Pretorius answered a question about what “Friends” mean. He explained the Friends will help the library or clinic with things not done by the municipality and anything to help them do their work.

  1. Friends of The Reeds Wetlands

Next speaker was Johan Fourie, chairman of the Friends of The Reeds Wetlands. He talked about putting up cameras for security reasons in the area. He tasked the people present to go to their employers and ask if they are willing to donate 1% of their taxes to this cause. Johan Fourie will visit the employer to fill in an 18A form. He can be contacted at012 6570928

He also asked the community to get involved with the Adopt a spot program as run by the Tshwane municipality.

The wetlands areas must be kept clean so our water can be cleaned by the areas. The Friends do clean-up actions from time to time. Water quality in the wetlands have improved the last 20 years.

The invasive alien, a bush called Honey locust, must be eradicated in the wetlands. Help is needed to cut and remove it on Saturdays. Johan Fourie asked for volunteers to helps.

Everybody wants to use the wetland as a walkthrough path, but it must be safe. Funds are needed to erect fences etc, so any donation is welcome.

The Friends also started to put up owl-boxes.

They also involved with tree plantings by local schools.

  1. Community Policing Forum WBS2 (Lance/Tinus II)

The CPF had to attend an urgent meeting and could not give feedback.

Burnie Nawn takes the stand to give feedback on ReThRo actions and projects.

  1. Adopt a Spot
    1. Rooihuiskraal Park (Kestrel/Blue Jay Roads)

This project is on hold due to changes in legislation and processes when it comes to adopt a spot.

  1. Open land across Sasol in Hofsanger Road

This project is on hold due to changes in legislation and processes when it comes to adopt a spot.


  1. Tennis Court

This is also on hold due to the changes anticipated in the processes and procedures when it comes to Adopt a spot and upgrading it for the community.

  1. Community centre

This is also reliant on the above changes related to the area that was identified to develop this. Uitsig High School intends to build a community development centre. ReThRo will give feedback when it is received. It could be used by the community after hours for courses and studying.

  1. Traffic Issues
    1. Uitsig Road

The proposed upgrades as discussed at the 2018 AGM was forwarded to be included as part of the Spatial Development Framework for the City of Tshwane. The  road should be extended as dual carriage way to R55. At this time only Brakfontein Road connects the R55 to Old Johannesburg Road.

  1. Panorama & Roohuiskraal Roads Intersection

A lot of focus has been placed on this very dangerous ticking time bomb in our community. Several articles were published in the Record and letters were forwarded to the relevant city officials for further actions and responses. We are continuously following up as ReThRo. People pushing in and dropping people off in the intersection was recorded. The robot has an override switch that can be used to let the traffic flow better. Every ward should 4 metro police but they are not visible in our ward. Letters written to TMPD but we received no answers.

  1. Illegal Parking

A letter has been written to the relevant authorities for action in regards to the illegal parking of vehicles on the Corners of Brakfontein en Panorama Roads and Alice and Panorama as well as Panorama Road in General. The way Taxis and other vehicles is parked no oncoming traffic can be seen. There is also illegal drinking going on. ReThRo had no success with TMPD so far.

  1. Nellmapius Road

A letter has been drafted regarding changes to the intersection to allow better and safer traffic flow from Nellmapius Road when crossing Old Johannesburg Road into Uitsig Road. A fourth slipway coming from Nellmapius to Old Johannesburg Road was suggested.

  1. Rooihuiskraal Rd and N14 Intersection

Several articles placed in local newspapers have resulted in feedback that the intersection will be completed in 2020.

  1. R101 over N14

ReThRo is seriously considering creating a petition to get the R101 road upgraded and widened from Uitsig Road to the Lifestyle Centre intersection so the bottleneck on the bridge over the N14 allows better traffic flow.

  1. New items
    1. Projects
      1. ReThRo Constitution changes

Advocate Linda Pienaar gave feedback on the Special General Meeting held. The most important change made was to allow ReThRo to represent residents of other areas. The result was that ReThRo could then work together with other resident’s associations, like Heuweloord and also Afriforom. Membership was changed so the email database could be a membership list. The time period for the notice of a general meeting was also shortened. More changes will still have to be made and decided upon at the next general meeting in 2020. The requirements for a quorum need attention. Linda Pienaar asked for inputs to make the constitution better.

  1. Land claims

Linda Pienaar also gave feedback on the land claims. Rethro compiled a response based on the mandates received and submitted it to the Land Claims Commission for consideration on time, as promised. 18 April being the date the submissions should have been submitted. It was an interim representation, reserving right of every individual to make their own representation. ReThRo will work Together with Afriforum, and will support them in any action that needs to be taken. ReThRo Committee thanked Gina Britz and Linda Pienaar for all their hard work. (Forgot to mention Burnie Nawn for all his work on creating the relevant maps.)

  1. Chip day

Gina Britz gave feedback on the Animal Fun Day ReThRo had on the 31st of August 2019 in conjunction with the ward councillor Casper McDonald and Jacaranda College and Pre-primary. It was a fun day that went very well. Fifty animals, including two cats, were chipped. The local Community Policing Forum sold hotdogs and cold drinks. The TMPD dogs and horses units were present and the dogs gave a demonstration on how they went about looking for drugs and bombs.

  1. Donations

SJ Pretorius gave feedback on ReThRo’s Donation project. On the 20th of July SJ Pretorius contacted ReThRo secretary, Hetta Scholtz about a bag of women’s clothes he wanted to donate. From that chat the idea of a place where donations can be made was born. SJ Swanepoel was asked if ReThRo can put a bin or something in his shop, Bodyfuel in Rooihuiskraal Shopping Centre, so people can put donations for charity in it. He was very keen to help. ( Any stuff that residents cannot use, but in a good condition can be placed in the crates. Food, unperishable, is also appreciated. The donations go to “Angels Among Us” a NPO charity run by Sanmarie Lamprecht ( People can also drop donations at her place. She can be contacted on 061 882 5655 to arrange for drop-offs. Sometimes special requests are made to the community when a specific need has been identified, like the people in Gerhardsville whose house has burned down. We also take donations for the SPCA and cat food for the Cat Lady in charge of the feral cats at the library. Quite a few bags of clothes have been taken to Angels Among Us. Food is very scarce, if you can buy tins of food, not just baked beans, that is the first we all think of, but also rice, sugar, jam, cheese spread, peanut butter, soup, meat mate etc, please.

SJ Pretorius asked for nominations or volunteers for the committee. They will be elected the next week.

Natasha Bakus told the residents that Sanmarie vets the people who get help. Tinus Lotz said there is a lot of people who give donations. Linda Pienaar also said when she needed money to pay for therapy sessions, she got enough within hours. The money goes directly to the therapist.

  1. Next meeting and closing (September 2020)

Next week this time this place. Rooihuiskraal Community Library, 10th September 2019 at 18:30.


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