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RETHRO NEWS January 2018

ReThRo Is Here To Stay

Our Vision

Our Vision is to inform, encourage and activate the community of ReThRo for the common good and maintain our pristine natural environment as a healthy, safe, comfortable and beautiful place to live in.


The residents of The Reeds, Thatchfield and Rooihuiskraal now have their very own association to look after the needs of this community. The Residents Association of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds and Thatchfield (ReThRo) was established to promote, protect and foster the interests of the residents and property owners of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds and Thatchfield. The association wish to initiate and develop community participation within the area, in the pursuit of the safety, security, cleanliness, and well-being or any other interests of the community. In addition, the association wishes to maintain and protect the special residential character of the area. The Association will co-operate with other groups and individuals, such as the CPF and ward councillors, who have the same or similar visions and goals to benefit the area and its community.

We were in the newspaper!

Saturday the 30th September 2017 was the public launch day of the Residents Association of Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds and Thatchfield (ReThRo). The Association had a stall at the community market at BluValley Mall and distributed flyers to provide more information about ReThRo. The Centurion Rekord published an article about the association. It can be read here.


What is it all about?

Did you know you can view your City of Tshwane account, submit your meter readings, lodge a complaint or query and make payments to the City of Tshwane electronically? This service is available all hours of the day. Click on the e-Tshwane link and follow the instructions.


In order to register for the e-Tshwane service, users will need to provide their username, title, initials, name, surname, SA ID/passport number and the preferred contact method.

Step 1

From the e-Tshwane home page, navigate to the Register option at the top right of the Menu bar.

Step 2

Read through the Terms and Conditions of site use, check the box at the bottom right of the screen and select Continue to proceed.

Step 3

Enter your user details, select the reCAPTCHA box and then select the Register option.

Step 4

The site will confirm your successful registration.

Logo for ReThRo association.

In short, we have a group of people interlocked in support and defence of one another and their properties.  Behind/above them the roofs of the properties the mentioned people live in.

Why I selected the interlocking format:

Interlocking provides a close bonding between those who participate and at the same time it is the strongest peaceful human defence format.  It prevents individual actions but enforces group action in peaceful form.  It therefore emphasizes “we stand together for one another”.

There are similar logos used elsewhere but with three persons and then the arms on the sides are cut halfway.  This limit participating members.  In the proposed logo the two arms at the sides are in full length ready to accept new members.

And it is simple. (Jan Lynzaad)


  1. Please put the bin out only on collection day before 7 o’clock as collecting begins at 7 o’clock.
  2. Please separate items. Put plastics like milk and cooldrink bottles etc. on top or in a separate bag. Carton and other paper can also be separated from the rest of the rubbish, as well as tins like cooldrink cans. It makes it easier and quicker for the bin divers, so they can move on quicker and leave the area. They do not take glass bottles.
  3. When the bins are not emptied leave them outside. They are supposed to be emptied the next day. It the bins are not emptied by six o’clock in the evening please contact your ward councillor with the street name and a photo of as many bins as possible.
  4. Replacement of bins  click here .
  1. Garden rubbish can be dumped at the site next to the Rooihuiskraal Historical Terrain or at the other garden rubbish site in Krugerlaan, Lyttelton Manor. Only garden rubbish can be dumped here by residents, not garden services, and it is free of charge. Refuse can be transported in bags but must be emptied by yourself. No garden refuse is allowed in the municipal rubbish (black) bins emptied on Thursdays
  2. Other rubbish like building rubble can be taken to the Mooiplaats dumping site. You pay a minimal amount. There are also guards to ensure your safety. It is a private company. 5 Mimosa Avenue, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion – 0046 Phone: 086 129 2783
  3. E-waste can be recycled in the Desco/Samsung recycling bin at Makro. Accepted e-waste is devices that run on batteries, electricity solar, wind or dynamo. They do not accept printer cartridges, radioactive devices, biohazardous waste, poisons or toxins. If your device does not fit through the opening, there is somebody that will open the bin for you. For more info click here
  4. Rooihuiskraal vet. At the vet on the corner of Panorama and Maraboestreets there are bins for glass, plastic and tins. You can drop it off anytime. The money is used for rescued animals.
  5. Ronnie recycle. The Mpact Recycling Kerbside Paper Pick-Up Programme is a free service. They collect in our area every week (excluding public holidays) on Fridays. Simply place all your unwanted paper into your green ‘Ronnie Bag’ and put it outside your gate, on the pavement before 07h30. The bag will be emptied and returned to you.



Click on this link to find the name and contact details of your ward councillor:                         Just follow the instructions.


Meet the ReThRo Committee

From  left to right in the back: Maritha Mitchell, Jan Lynzaad, Bheki Gutshwa, Jacques Diba-Mutambo, Burnie Nawn, Gina Britz. Front row: Hetta Scholtz, Burnie’s daughter, Linda Pienaar.

Feedback on Ward 64

The money for a circle at the corner of Kestrel and Panorama Roads have been approved by council. It will be built in the financial year.

In the meanwhile, for rules about a traffic circle and road sense please read the information provided at the following link:   or go to arrive alive website to see how a circle must be used:


Book the Saturday of 17th February for a big clean-up operation. ReThRo in cooperation with the Ward councilor of ward 64, Cllr Casper Mc Donald, is organizing the cleaning of the area around Phillips Supermarket, 264 Panorama Road, in The Reeds. Be there at 9 o’clock please. Casper Mc Donald will organize gloves and rubbish bags. Remember, flat shoes, old clothes and a hat. Hope to see everybody there. ReThRo will also be present. Let us work together for a better and cleaner environment.


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