ReThRo’s New Committee 2019

At the recent Annual General Meeting held on the 10th September 2019 the previous committee and three extra members were elected to the new committee. The previous committee consisted of Gina Britz, Linda Pienaar, Tinus Lotz, Burnie Nawn, Hetta Scholtz and the three co-opted members, Sandra Blom, Sanet van den Berg and SJ Pretorius. Three new members were also elected, Muhammad Essop, Angie Nichas and Lize van Wyk. Natasha Bakus was also elected but declined the position on the committee. Tinus Lotz were elected as chairman and Hetta Scholtz as secretary. The other positions will be filled at the first committee meeting. Committee 2019

Back row, left to right, Gina Britz, Burnie Nawn, SJ Pretorius, Hetta Scholtz

Front row: Linda Pienaar, Angie Nichas.

Sandra Blom, Sanet van den Berg, Lize van Wyk and Muhammad Essop were not present.

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