An open letter to the Wierdabrug Sector 2 Community

The Wierdabrug Sector 2 Community, Friends and family,
I am an active member of the Wierdabrug Sector 2 Community and have been for just over a year now. During this period, I have fulfilled various roles within the CPF but mainly as an active citizen concerned for his and his neighbour’s safety. One thing I certainly have come to realise is that we live in a very “nervous” and “distrusting” community.
Over the past few months, the CPF Committee has been asking everybody that is a member of the Sector 2 CPF to please respect and abide by the simple rules we are obliged to enforce due to our very diverse yet accommodating Community. What you do, how you act and what you say whilst NOT communicating over the CPF channels is entirely up to you.
However, the CPF cannot (and will not) tolerate any comments made on race, religion, political dispositions nor will we tolerate any form of slander whatsoever. It goes totally against the mandate and constitution we have agreed to abide by. Just today, we were forced to remove a valuable member off the group because he did not want to remove what we believe to be a “Hoax” message that encompassed sections of race and hate speech.
Messages such as these are created to sow fear and anxiety within a community so that the criminal can go about his work unnoticed. The CPF will always post on the relative communication groups, website and Face Book pages when a message has been verified and needs attention and even concern for that matter. Other than that, we have enough to worry about in our daily lives and do not need all this negative / false information to further complicate what is becoming fragile lives.
Our community consists of a very diverse group of people and our young democracy is finding it difficult to come to terms with not only the past, but also the new opportunities and challenges this country offers to a much wider scope of the population. Whilst it has been a “trying” period for some, it has been an “uplifting” period for others, some have seen benefit, and some have seen retardation in their lives. The fact remains that even though it has been 25 years, not many of us and I include ALL races, religions and political entities have taken the time to understand each other and our ways properly. Until this is done, we are forced to live lives whereby we better be very careful of what we say, how we act or react and how we communicate with each other.
This country, and our small community included, finds itself in a unique situation and it is certainly struggling to come to terms with its new dispensation.
So, whilst I do not want to get into any race, religious nor political discussion (nor trouble), please assist the CPF and its Committee to ensure a safe area by following the simple guidelines below:
“Rules of CPF Groups. (WhatsApp and other)
Welcome to the CPF Sector 2 EMERGENCY group,
The purpose of this group is to REPORT Medical Emergencies, Crime Happening or Crime that already happened to us Sector 2 CPF. Admin’s will send it through to Sector 2 CPF Reaction and will be handled from there, when done feedback will be given through to community. Complaints regarding this group, will NOT be posted on this group, community can PVT an admin.
‼🚫 The Following will NOT be tolerated on the group🚫‼
– Not a SOCIAL or CHAT group.
– Pictures of Suspects WILL NOT be posted on this nor any other group.
– Please Only post in English where possible
– Sexist Comments
– Political Communication or Propaganda
– Racist Comment
– Missing pets you can PVT an Admin
– Comments and posts that can incite violence, are unlawful or brings division to our Community
– Swearing / Aggressive Language / Aggressive Behaviour
– Tantrums
– Any Behaviour that Delays Reaction time or keeps SAPS, CPF, Security or Medical from doing their important duties.
🚔 ‼This group is for Crime related matters and Emergencies ONLY and for the admins to communicate matters regarding safety and security in our area.‼🚔
We want to say thank you for your assistance in keeping Rooihuiskraal and The Reeds safe.”

By following these simple guidelines, the CPF believes we can indeed make Sector 2 a better, safer and more importantly, happier place to live.
Kind regards,

If you want to join CPF sector 2 please send your name, address and cell phone number to +27 76 883 2437.
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