About Us

The ReThRo Residents’ Association is the ratepayers/neighbourhood association charged with identifying, advocating and acting on neighbourhood concerns in order to enhance The Reeds, Thatchfield and Rooihuiskraal residential areas. A non-profit, volunteer-powered organization, ReThRo has been in existence since 2017, addressing and leading issues that range from trees to traffic, from development to safety.

It also facilitates two-way communication between the community and its political representatives (and staff) at the municipal and provincial levels.

ReThRo takes positions on issues that directly affect the quality of life in The Reeds, Thatchfield and Rooihuiskraal residential areas as a whole. It does not arbitrate in disputes between neighbours, per se, but may try to alleviate areas of disagreement by highlighting resources and processes for neighbours with differing views. The Association is non-partisan and is not affiliated with any political party.

The association communicates with the community via newsletters, this website and its annual general meeting (AGM), which takes place in the neighbourhood and is a public forum for information sharing and discussion. It also hosts community events.

It’s worth knowing that:

  • ReThRo is not (allowed to be) political in any way
  • ReThRo is not a parish council – no special powers
  • ReThRo does not really have a ‘louder voice’ than individuals
  • The ReThRo Committee are all normal people with plenty to occupy their days
  • No empire building on the committee, and it’s not anyone’s ‘baby’
  • Anyone is welcome to join and make ReThRo more active if desired

Our Guiding Principles

  • The objects of the Association are to represent, protect and promote the interest of the owners, legitimate occupiers of properties and the general public present in The Reeds, Thatchfield and Rooihuiskraal, irrespective of their membership of the Association, which includes, but is not limited to: The protection and promotion of orderly development of our area;
  • The protection, promotion and maintenance of its environmental integrity;
  • The promotion, protection and preservation of areas and buildings of historical and cultural interest; Engaging in the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of its natural environment;
  • The promotion and active engagement of environmental awareness, greening and clean-up of our area;
  • The protection of the safety of its owners legitimate occupiers and general public in the area;
  • Lobbying, creating awareness, and making representations in support of the objectives above.

To learn more about the ReThRo committee, click here.