What Ideas Do You Have To Improve The ReThRo Community?

All of us want to see improvements in our community. Some ideas for potential improvements need the time of volunteers from the community to make them happen whilst other projects may require community money to be spent. Keeping track of these suggestions, often presented in very different formats, can be quite time consuming. So to help co-ordinate ideas from across the community and allow everyone to see the advantages of each project we have developed the form below. Note: areas of council responsibility should be taken up directly with the relevant council department rather than via this website (see key contacts page).

If you have an idea that would require community time or money please enter your idea details in the form or email them to info@rethro.org.za. Tell us some basic information about the project and its benefits to the community and a broad indication of how much you expect it to cost (there is no need to be too precise at this stage, just give us your best guess on the cost band). When you have completed the form, press the “SUBMIT MY IDEA” button at the bottom of the form. The information will be forwarded to the ReThRo RA committee. At some stage you may be contacted, by email, to clarify things further about your idea. It is likely that your idea, along with others, will be put to a community wide consultation sometime in 2018. Your name would appear as initial project sponsor but your email address will not be published.

If your idea was successfully received then you should get a confirmation email from the site within a few hours. You can let us know of any problems by emailing info@rethro.org.za. If this way of getting community feedback is of value then in the future we may look to distribute a paper version of the form to those without internet access (printing and delivering does take community time and money so we need to get the process right first).

Thanks for helping to improve our community.

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